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NEW Drum Lessons Starting soon for 7 to 12 year olds from March 2020-

đŸ„For ages 7 to 12
đŸ„No experience necessary
đŸ„Choice of dates and times
đŸ„Fully qualified Yamaha music teachers
đŸ„RSL accredited exams
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Drum Lessons St Albans, Bushey

Our Drum Lessons are designed to teach you all the necessary tools required to become a complete player so whether you want to tour the world or play for fun, Music Gym will help you attain your goals in our teaching studios.

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Who can take part?

from Beginners to Experienced

Children from 7 years upwards (6yrs  Individual)


Adults (Individual Lessons available)

We have acoustic and electronic Drum kits and we offer Group and Individual Lessons which are on Mon, Thurs and Sat every week.

Fantastic Yamaha Drum Lessons

The Yamaha Drum Encounters course is for anyone interested in playing the drums.

Drum Encounters is a fun and innovative way to learn and play drums. The classes are designed to take the student to an advanced level. Open to anyone from the age of seven.

Taught in small groups of up to 8 students. Nothing matches the exhilaration of a group of people drumming simultaneously! The course combines the best elements of traditional one-on-one drum lessons. But with a creative, modern approach, resulting in unrivaled quality of teaching. As a member of Drum Encounters, you’ll learn to play in a state of the art Yamaha drum studio, using the best Yamaha drums and practice pads. For those who don’t have a kit at home. It’ll give you all the skills you need to bring the beat to your band!

Learn Drums at Music gym Watford

Why play the drums?

Drums are great fun to learn to play, they are a great stress reliever too. A host of studies show that drumming can relieve stress, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

Extended periods of drumming release endorphins and enkephalins, neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers and mood enhancers. In short, your body signals to you what your neighbours won’t — keep drumming.


“This is the ‘high’ that many drummers feel even hours after playing,” Asif Kahn, a board-certified internist and avid drummer, wrote in the publication Modern Drummer. “It translates to reducing our systolic and diastolic pressures and also to reducing or smoothing out our heartbeat.” Reducing one’s blood pressure can benefit heart health, which can reduce the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and breakdowns in the immune system.

According to Michael Drake, author of several books on the therapeutic value of the drumming, the fact that playing drums requires a great degree physical exertion as well as a deep focus on almost every limb and muscle in the body, encourages more emotional release and stress relief than instruments that only require the mental bandwidth of the hands and fingers. That means guitarists and pianists don’t get nearly the same rush.

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