What Keyboard or Piano to buy?

What Keyboard or Piano to buy?

At the Music Gym we get lots of requests from the parents of the children being taught and the musicians we teach too about what is the best buy for the instrument they are learning, from the best microphone and PA, drums, keyboards, and guitars.
We asked our company director who has been in the music industry for over 30 years and has written and produced theme tunes for Tv and adverts. He has held Senior Manager positions in Sony, Yamaha Sennheiser & currently Signed to Sony as an artist for music library.

These are his best buy for Keyboard or Piano:

Best Buy Beginner Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E363 Portable Electronic Keyboard

Here at Music Gym we know Yamaha have some great keyboards for beginners, the PSR E363 is a great keyboard for beginners.

Click on link above to see latest prices. We are often asked What Keyboard or Piano to buy? and We recommend 61 full size keys with touch sensitivity. Several of our pupils have the PSR-E363 keyboard which is great value for money. Things to look out for are

  • 61 note touch sensitive keys
  • plenty of voices & styles
  • USB-To-Host connection for connection to a computer is useful
  • auto accompaniment

Best Buy Beginner Piano

YAMAHA P-45 Digital Piano Package With X-Stool, X-Stand, Headphones

We like a Digital piano, they are smaller and more portable than acoustic pianos. They have a headphone socket which makes it much easier to practice without disturbing anyone else.

The Yamaha P45 is a great entry level piano to start on. It features:

  • 88-key graded hammer standard keyboard with matte finish black keys ensures high playability
  • There are 10 stereo sampled voices
  • Dual mode – two voices can be combined for further versatility
  • Duo function – enables the keyboard to be split into two identical zones, suitable for students to follow and copy the teachers’ hands
  • Usb-to-host port for connecting to suitably equipped computers

Click on link above to see latest prices.

Best Buy Piano

Yamaha YDP-143 Arius Digital Piano In Black Walnut Finish
The Arius has a great keyboard and some nice sounds

  • 88 note graded hammer keyboard with synthetic ivory key tops
  • 10 voices – 192 note polyphony
  • Two track recorder
  • 2 x 20 watt amplifier
  • Soft close key cover

We hope this helps your buying decision. Music Gym.
If you want to buy an Acoustic Piano we recommend visiting a Specialist Dealer.

Please note these are personal choices 🙂 – do your research.

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